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    My name is Cody, and I have a girlfriend that I love.
    Its just I have huge jealousy issues…
    I am very protective over her because I don’t want to lose her, she means the world to me.
    I get so jealous when other guys talk to her and want to hang out with her, in every single one of my other relationships, I have been cheated on, I don’t know why, all I do is try to make them happy but it’s never enough.
    You could say I have trust issues and I am insecure even though girls say I am good looking.
    It’s just I have a reason because every other girl cheated on me and lied to my face.
    I cant stand the though of her leaving me and/or cheating on me.
    The other day we got into a huge fight over her wanting to go hang out with a couple of guys from school.
    What I don’t get is why? Why would she want to, whats the point when she can hang with me. Couldn’t she of just said “No I have a bf?”…I know that she needs her friends and everything it’s just when you’re in a relationship why do you need to hang out with other guys outside of school? Don’t I give you the satisfaction of being happy and hanging with a guy?
    I just don’t get it, and girls will never understand how guys really are, most guys won’t take time out of their day to just hang out with you unless they want something whether it be , a relationship or to have someone to flirt with and why would I want another guy flirting with my girl?
    I hate it when guys text her and stuff too, like they always ask to hangout and like wtf? Am I not a factor in this? Like I get so jealous and over protective over her but its just because I don’t want to lose her.
    I can’t deal with other guys interfering with my relationships anymore, it’s happened way to much.
    I hate the fact that I get mad at her over other guys because it’s her life and she should be able to hang out with who she wants it’s just like why would she want to spend her time hanging with another guy?
    I don’t know anymore, if anyone could give me some advice id really appreciate it, thank you.



    my girlfriend does the same thing. i always feel like guys have secret intentions and they’re trying to get with her and she doesn’t see it. she tells me she would never cheat on me and she should be allowed to hang out with her friends, which is understandable, but i don’t feel like we live in a world where guys want to “just be friends” with a very attractive girl. i do know that a few of her guy friends tried making moves on her and asked things like “why are you dating that faggot”, and she stopped talking to them entirely, so i guess what i’ll say is, you can’t blame her for cheating on you until she does it – if she ever does.

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