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    Was with a girl for nearly 3 years. Gave her a promise ring in early October. Three weeks later, she broke up with me by text, and has more or less refused to speak to me since. I’m hoping there’s still a chance for us – I’m trying to stay NC, but it’s seriously difficult.

    When she broke up with me, one of the few things she did respond to was me inviting her to dinner. She ended up canceling for a family dinner, and when I asked her if she was interested she said yes.

    On Monday, I got a text from her that said she still loved me and cared for me, and it also said “I’m just not in the right space right now with us”. I don’t think I know what that means.

    I’m hoping giving some time will help… Anybody have any insight?



    What was her reason for breaking up? And do you believe it? How long have you been out of contact with her?

    My advice would be to leave it a little while longer. But not too long as to let her move on. Leave it maybe two weeks, but you will know when to get in touch, if she doesn’t first, which I think she will.

    I would leave it, and then get in touch saying that you’ve got an hour spare if you fancy a coffee or your going shopping and need a second opinion on some shoes or something like that. Don’t dive straight into talking about the relationship, but maybe leave it till the end of the day or whatever when you’re both leaving.

    I know NC is hard but it pays off in the end if you use it wisely!

    That’s what I would do but hey you know her better than any of us and you know how she works!

    Hope it all works out for you


    Dee Secrets

    Seems like you have a confused girl. Give here some space. She needs to figure things out. Likely she will start to miss you. And will reach out and communicate with you. A lot of people have relationship hang ups. Bad role model parents or hurts from previous relationships. Sometimes they get scared. Give her some time.



    Would you still care for some advice?



    I can’t say for sure what’s going on in her head. I’m not her, and have no idea who she is. If she really left you with no justification, I’d ask for a clear one. I mean three years- you deserve to know what happened to that. Maybe shes afraid of the next step of a promise ring? Maybe there are feelings changing?

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