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    Ok so im new here, 1st post.

    This girl started at in my office a couple of months back, at first i didnt really think much of it there was no instant attraction, shes not my typical type. I started chatting to her to try and make her feel welcome, she seemed ok, Over the past couple of weeks ive really started to like her, more and more. I think she may know i like her from the way i act around her, im not sure. I have no idea if she likes me back, she laughs at everything i do and is always teasing me, i also notice if she does or says something thats supposed to be funny she turns and looks at me to see if ive noticed. I dont know if shes just friendly and im missreading things or if theres soemthing in it.

    With it being at work and us both working in the same office which is quite small im cautious over making a move as i wouldnt want things to become akward, Im also pretty rubbish at that kind of thing.

    Any advice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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