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    Currently I’m at the low point of my career. I’m 33 and started back in school so my expendable income isn’t great for the next year or two. I met this girl in my class who is actually in much of the same situation as I am in, getting back on her feet, etc. We hit it off good and the one thing that seemed to be hindering us was finances, considering we’ve know each other for 10 weeks and been dating for 6 or so, this is a concern. I paid for the first few dates, no questions asked.

    As we get deeper into each other, I express my opinions about some equality in a relationship, at least down the road. I didn’t even bring it up, but just shared my stance on things and we didn’t agree. She calls me cheap and I point out the fact that I’ve taken her out on some decent dates, and now she says I’m throwing it in her face. I make more than her and don’t expect much, but when she calls me cheap I was offended especially considering the fact that she knew my position beforehand. I’ve spent about $400-500 in the 6 weeks we’ve been dating. She is good about figuring out free stuff to do, coupons, etc.

    Another time she says something to the affect that she wants to be spoiled or something and says I have the potential to be cheap, so again I bring up the fact that I have paid for 95% of everything and drove everytime.

    Finally we are in the mall,(I drove her there to pick up some furniture and I have a van to take it back to her house), and we are ordering lunch and she throws money on the tray and says, ” I don’t want to hear about it next week.” This is after we have been good for a week or so on that issue. I take the money because no way am I going to let her insult me like that and me beg of her to take it. Am I cheap? Am I out of line for thinking in this day and age a girl should pick up a check once in a great while?

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