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    I was friends with this guy for long time but recently he expressed a ual interest. I was resistant and he said that in order to get with him i had to send a pic of my upper body (breasts) I resisted for awhile but I finally gave in and sent a pic of my upper body. I sent it and he said that he didnt get them and was im SURE THAT it went through to him…but I’m sure he has them and now i feel embarrased and ashamed like he must think im disgusting or my breasts are terrible. I’ve never done this before and now im not sure why he is not answering me at all??? Thinking my boobs must be horrid and hes showing them all over ….. I have tried numerous times to text or call and he won’t take my call….confused

    I definitely will never do it again…I’ve never done that before…He’s been completely silent and has not answered or replied to my text since before New Year..I have not attempted to contact him at all..but I’m just worried because I did something so reckless…:-(I am over 25 and no one can see my face at all..but now i feel exploited and the silence from his end is making me more and more nervous πŸ™ It is playing a bit with my self esteem because I am thinking something is wrong with my body hence the silence

    Still feeling like crap πŸ™ πŸ™

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