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    Right when I met him, he had just filed for a divorce.
    It didn’t bother me that much at first because I was thinking well he just filed so it should take a while and thats before i found out how PSYCHOTIC this lady is.
    She’s literally insane.
    He’s done all his financial paperwork with everything and she has done NONE. It’s been 3 months and she hasn’t done anything at all.
    The day he told her he wanted a divorce she tried to play the sympathy card and say she’s pregnant. She was cheating on him nearly their whole relationSHIT. He was in Afghanistan and she was having a homeless guy live with them and having with him and spent all his money from being deployed not to mention. He never saw $1 of that money.
    They have a son that is 3 years old right now and he’s a great dad. He doesn’t know if this baby she’s pregnant with is really his or not so he’s definitely going to need a paternity test.
    She clearly wants him back and it makes me sick. He robbed him of everything he had because she’s a gold-digger and she’s nothing but trash. She’s texted him saying that she misses him when she didn’t know he was dating anybody. Hes made it clear that he wants no contact with her unless it’s about their son but thats not what she does at all. She texts and calls him all the time about nothing.
    When she found out we were dating, she ran a background check on me. And says that I am not allowed to watch their son until she feels comfortable with it.
    We have moved in together a couple months ago and she brought 3 of her friends and basically stormed around our house determining if “it was suitable for her son to be here or not” when not to mention, in her tiny apartment, there is not screens on any of the windows, including her sons room on the top floor.
    My boyfriend has come to her apt. to see her smoking weed with their son locked in a room and saw him playing with a bottle of rum once.
    We have an extremely well established nice house in a very nice neighborhood but she is going to try to determine for herself when her perception of anything safe is clearly so messed up.

    I want her to leave him alone and get the damn papers done so he can be done from her. She does not get the hint that he is done with her and she needs to move on.

    A big question I have is about us. i’m 100% sure that we are meant to be. I just know it, I have that feeling. We both want to eventually marry each other and he wants to propose already but I said before that I dont think it’s fair because I felt like it wouldn’t mean as much considering what’s going on right now ( mostly I told him not to because I wanted his parents approval). Now I hate his parents so I could care less what they think. They treat me like a piece of dirt because they don’t like the situation. I have never been treated so badly by people that I have done nothing to so now I don’t care what they think and he doesn’t either. So now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want to get engaged to him so bad, I want everyone to know that he’s mine and he feels the same. Do you think it would be wrong if we got engaged right now or do you think it doesn’t matter and we should do what we feel is right?
    I want to do whatever we feel like is right. I don’t want anything to depend on her and her to think she deterimines things.
    I’m so confused and it just hurts me how his whole family treats me so bad and how she is so crazy. I just want us to be happy.
    Her being around just drives me crazy and makes me feel so insecure. I want him to be only mine and for her to know that.
    I want to feel better about myself and just get advice from someone that can really put themselves in my shoes.

    Sorry it’s all so long. I just needed to get it all off my chest. I dont have any friends or anything that understand at all so I really have no one to talk to. :confused:

    please help?

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