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    hey peeps

    a little advice would be helpfull, just after christmas this year me & my baby mama split up we have a daughter aged 3 together , she offered freindship & i accepted this , due to the fact we share a daughter together , even though i still have very strong feelings towards this women, anyways , she after 3 moths of being apart from me started to see somebody else, this left me feeling very upset , anyways iv tried to stay friends with her , a month later i get a text saying , it was nothing and was a rebound & it was a mistake ! Again i stayed friends with her becuase we share a daughter & i see it as my daughter will benefit from this, the thing is iv been with other women since , but i feel nothing for them & i dont go out my way to advertise this to my ex, she found out about one then started threatening me with my daughter ! bear in mind were in constant communication & she is adament we wont be giving it another shot, me staying friends with her is only slowing my moving on , so i decide to go low contact , the minute i do this i get a phone call, she basically said , she was thinking about dating me but then she remembers , the last time we split, so she doesnt think its a good idea & she hasnt seen anybody for a while and isnt interested in a relationship, my baby mama is aware of how i feel about her as iv always been honest to her, 10 months has past , i am moving on but very slowly as daily i recieve texts from her with regards to our daughter

    the reason we split is , i had issues with cannabis which caused me extreme uncontrollable anxiety , and i think she fell out of love with me through it 🙁 now 10 months on i havnt had a joint for 10 months , im at the gym everyday, im looking after myself and trying to make me a better person, im a great father i pay child support and help out were i can , i see my daughter 4 times a week, somebody once told me follow your dreams and they will come true, i love this women dearly and i suppose im trying to show her iv changed, actions speak louder than words, but im beggining to think its a lost cause

    i have been honest with her and told her how i feel , she says she no longer loves me, and IF we were to give it another shot and it didnt work out , our daughter would suffer

    i have a couple of questions , which are as follows

    am i reading into this situation because of my feelings for her ?

    am i being used as a back up plan ?

    is she just being honest ?

    this is really begining to get me down, and every time i try to move on she sort of pulls me back with something, its very odd, or its just im an idiot for still having feelings for her

    thank you very much

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