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    I understand cheating is terrible but if you chose to forgive, then shouldn’t you get over it after a certain time passes esp. if it’s been years later and that person learned his/her lesson and never did it again?

    His story starts out 8 years ago and both were 18 years old at the time. He walked in on her having with a former friend, broke up but weeks later they talked about it and he took her back, forgave her. Now they have been married for 3 years now and have 2 children (the older one that’s about 6 yrs old and a 2 year-old).

    However, after their second child was born he’s been treating her horrible like calling her names such as , **** (at times even in front of their 2 kids), or goes out clubbing with friends, doesn’t help out at home and returns drunk. I, myself even heard him making jokes about her weight how ugly she is, in front of his friends.

    I think it’s wrong what he’s wrong and older child sometimes is seen crying or upset. One time he questioned if he father loves him and why didn’t he take him skating to the park like he promised. Instead that day he left with his friends drinking.

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