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    I guess i need some advise here. Basically there is girl which i kinda like. As normal we started off as friends and we grew a lot closer over the coming months. Friendzoned? Gosh i wish i could tell….

    Thing is she is going to leave the country to further her studies in a couple of months time, which would roughly take 2-3 years. Once i knew that, I was heartbroken. I tried to stop the feelings i have for her by avoiding her. She senses that I am avoiding her very very quickly and confronts me. I told her that its complicated and avoided telling her the real reason.

    Now she thinks that I ditched her like how some of her friends cut contact with her. She is very angry/emotional over this. All i wanted to do is just to cool things down and let my feelings go away and continue to be friends again. I dont want things to end like this as i still care for her as a friend.

    Should i tell her how i feel? What should be my next move here?

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