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    Ok here goes..Ive been dating a girl for about 5 months now. We have known each other for about 17 years actually. We had worked together but had both been married at the time. There was definate attraction and we liked each others company. Of course I never acted on it as I would of never cheated on my wife. Anyways, this girl ended up getting a different job and was out of my life for 13 years. I ended up getting divorced and facebook comes along and we reconnected. We met up at an office reunion party and again you could tell the chemistry. She told me she ended up getting divorced but was in a relationship with someone. From there we would chat occassionally on Facebook. Fast forward 2 1/2 years. We ended up chatting a lot more on Facebook because Im in sales and she came into the store. In the process of our chatting, we became close as she and I were both coming out of relationships..the timing was perfect for us to be together and we are now. For the most part the relationship is great. We have fun and genuinely enjoy each others company. Ok now the problem that I have in the back of my mind…and where I could use some advice. Im gonna rewind just a bit.wen we worked together way back wen we had a going away party for a mutual co-worker. Alcohol was involved and we could of hooked up but I stopped it cos I was married with a child on the way. She was engaged at the time and would of proceeded had I not put on the brakes. The problem I have with this girl is that in getting to know her better she will always line the next thing up before she ends a relationship. Theres a pattern that has developed with her. She cheated on her husband she told me..the last two boyfriends she broke up with, she had the next thing lined up. I compare it to like a frog jumping to lily pads..she wont jump and swim in open water..has to wait to jump to next lily pad. The point is “Do I have to worry about being next?” She has never given me any reason to be jealous and is totally in love with me and I with her. This will always be in the back of my mind im afraid. The other thing that worries me is her best friend cheats on her fiance all the time and im sure is not a good influence on her when im not around..what do you all think. How do I proceed with this relationship? Thanks!!

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