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    My girlfriend broke up with me about two months ago. our break up was not caused by a fight and there are no hard feelings between us. for about a week after we broke up we texted and talked on the phone occasionally, then she told me that she didnt see us getting back together. We didnt talk for almost three weeks after that. then out of the blue she texted me and i replied and she called me back and asked me if i wanted to get dinner i agreed and it was a little awkward but ok at dinner we realized that we were gonna have a class together at school. after that we didnt talk or text for about a week. then she texted me of all people for her cousins phone #. a couple days later she texted me to ask when our college classes started back up. then we didnt talk for a couple weeks again until one of out mutual friends was having a baby and she texted me and told me i was welcome to go with her when she went to see the baby. and for 2 days she texted me asking for updates on the labor and birth. then we didnt talk until the day of our class when she texted me asking if i wanted to grab dinner before class and i agreed. and it was a little awkward. i dont know what she is doing or if she is trying to maintain a friendship or something and i need advice on what to do.

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