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    Hi just after some advice.

    I met a girl from a dating site very end of December 2010, things went OK we text and talked a lot. things went quiet for a few weeks i would text and get nowt back then i would stop texting. 2 weeks would pass and i would get a text, then we would be texting again this went on for about 7 months.

    she invited me to her birthday drinks (we are same age late 20’s and birthdays only 2 days apart) and said i could bring a mate. she teased me what she was going to wear for a few weeks. then about 1 week before she said that it would be unfair on me to go as i have to travel the couple hours to there then when closing time came i would have to wait about 5 hours for the first train home. Ok i excepted this, week later she came to mine one august Friday night and we went for a walk,crazy golf and a meal.

    things were going fine in a space of 7 weeks we saw each other at least once a week. then i didn’t see her till about 10 days before Christmas. Things were going good regular contact we made plans to see each other the weekend after valentines day but that never happened as she sent me a text about some family stress. I brought it. I did get a text on valentines day saying flowers and card lost in post? but I explained I don’t need a day to tell someone I love them we tell each other this most of the time. a week later I sent flowers to her work and she loved them.

    Then things take a bad turn that night she calls me(I missed the call) saying one of her parents has been rushed to hospital this stage its not looking good and there was only one outcome, thankfully they started responding to the operation. she kept me updated every few days. last week she told that they will be in hospital till least august fine I’m prepared to wait I have told her this. then the other day we were talking and she said the weekend she got those flowers she was gonna come to mine and also said go and have some fun go out and drink,pull or a booty call. I said to her I cant turn my feelings off and on and that I love her and will wait for a relationship when her mum is much better and when she had more time as at mo its work and hospital.

    Is this her way of telling me she is not intrested?

    Thing is i want to see her this weekend.

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