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    Married 17 yrs, 2 children, $35,000 credit debt (husband’s doing), 3 yr emotional affair with a man I adore. We had decided, well mostly he decided, that he couldn’t do this anymore. We had tried to stop talking several times in the 3 yr relationship, but always came back. We are very far apart, so we have never met, (he in CA, me in OH), but have fantasized about meeting and have been as intimate as two can be long distance.

    My marriage has been miserable for years, and it really should have been done long ago. He’s very selfish and materialistic, egotistical, can never be wrong, has no control over his temper & verbally assaults the kids and me whenever he’s angry…basically just a spoiled little brat with a huge sense of entitlement. He even took out credit cards in my name to spoil himself. I ran my credit report & was shocked to find that the minimum payments are $1,050. a month, and one of the highest balance cards is 29% interest rate.

    So, basically, the bottom line is there is no way to get out of the marriage easily (not that it’s ever easy). He knows about the emotional affair, I told him 6 months into it due to similar circumstances that someone else in his family was going through. He destroyed some of my things (which he had a habit of doing, he cut up my clothing a few times in the past, for even lesser “crimes”) & would make comments in front of my kids & tell them I was cheating, etc.

    I want out of this marriage, with or without the other man, but it seems so impossible.

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