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    Hi I have recently discovered that the ring my Boyfriend tried to give me when he asked me to marry him is the same one he gave to his last fiance (they never married)…I gave the ring back to him after some compilcations with my family and asked him if we could we have moved on from that but I found the ring a couple of days ago with the purchasing information with it..and though it may be wrong I opened it and saw that he purchased it for his previous engagement…Im hurt that she was worth the trouble of picking out a wring but I come across as only being worth their broken promise..I want to say that I know thats not how he sees it..but if he asks me again with that ring I dont know what Im going to do.. I cant wear it..It wasnt made for me, and I know Im worth the trouble of him at least getting a new setting for the diamond.
    How do I tell him this..I dont want to argue with him.

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