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    I am a 36 year old father of three. I was married to my H.S. sweetheart for 13 years. She was unfaithful and demanded a Divorce last July. She moved out two days before Christmas with someone she knew in the ninth grade from another state. By April 1st I allowed her to move back in. Our divorce was finalized on April 7th. Her new guy cheated, lied and abandoned her and turned out to be a convict and multiple time dead beat dad. I recently discovered she was in contact with him again. Since she is still trying to pay off the debts he helped her incur over the three months they lived together, I am supporting her 100%. I blocked his number from the cell phones and now she is not speaking to me. She has been my best friend for 18 years and a phenomenal mother to our children. Should I kick her out of my house?


    Dee Secrets

    No. Get help. Counseling. If you want this relationship and still love her. Couple can break up and get back together. It is possible. Even if they see other people in the process. Marriage is a commitment…..you made it, so stand by that commitment. Forgiveness. It will set you free as well as her.



    If she still has feelings for this other guy, yes, kick her out!

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