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    Hi, i have been with my fiance for nearly 9 years. I have on several occasions caught him chatting to other women on-line and arranging to meet them. He says he doesn’t mean anything by it and it’s me he loves. For the last month he has been chatting to a woman who he has been planning to move in with and also said many times he loves her!! he has not even seen a photo of this woman.
    Obviously now he has been caught out it has all stopped but will he continue to do this or can he change? He says he won’t do it again but i’ve heard that before. I can’t trust him and feel there must come a point when i say enough is enough. Has anyone else experienced a similar thing? Thanks



    On my fiance and my 1 year anniversary of being together I found out he was emailing and Facebooking a girl from his past that he used to talk to online and had met once literally one day before asking me out, he had actually wanted me to meet he and got mad at me when I said no way in hell were we going to see her. I didn’t see anything overly bad in the msgs but I was hurt by it and I confronted him on it. He got pissed when I told him to delete her and never talk to her again ( as she was the one he emailed him pouring her heart out to him and I was worried about what could happen if he didn’t remove her). It took him a year to delete her. Honestly our relationship has never been the same since that. I think since your fiance is saying her wants to meet other women and doing it behind your back is a big sign that he’s not 100% ready to commit and settle down with you. You’ll find yourself always wondering whether or not he’s cheating on you, if you can’t trust him and he’s not willing to stop what he’s doing, he’s not worth being with.

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