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    Hi all, New here but really needing someone to talk to. I’ve been married almost 14yrs. It is my second marriage and we have 2 children. The last 2 yrs have been absolutely.. well just not there. Haven’t been intimate in 2yrs, haven’t heard him say he loves me in almost a year, no touching no talking. Nothing.

    He has his own business that has caused us to lose the home I bought 25yrs ago, owe back taxes, and stress over money on a constant basis.

    I’m not “encouraged” to cook, if I do dishes he redoes them, can’t do the shopping, I can pay bills when we have the money though. I’ve been told I can’t do the yard work. So basically I work and bring home the steady paycheck and thats about it.

    Most women would think I’m lucky! No, I’m lonely, my self confidence is totally shredded. He has dehumanized me, corrected me infront of my children. I cry every night. Not because I want to fix things. He has totally ruined that for me. But because I’m so lonely, feel so worthless.

    I want to start making a plan to get out. I don’t know where to start. Any advise, help… anything would be appreciated.

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