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    My parents split up back in ’06. Divorce was final in ’09. Second time my dad left, this time was for good. Not really sure what the issues were other than several marital shrinks saying they were in a toxic relationship and it just can’t work. To this day they are still fighting over custody and my mom not selling the house that the court ordered her to sell over a year ago.

    When I try and talk to my dad, he says talk to a shrink and blames my mom for everything. My mom just cries and blames my dad for everything, doesn’t have a job and no motivation to get one. So I can’t talk to either of them about it at all. To top it off, I found out that the divorce was final on Facebook. Pretty screwed up huh?

    So since they tell me nothing and hardly talk to me to begin with and put my 14 year sister into the drama, pulling her every which way etc etc. Recently I found out that there is a petition for contempt out against my dad, which means he’s not paying child support, even though he makes 200k a year.

    I didn’t hear it from them, I found out on the case search website. What am I supposed to do about that?

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