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    I’m going to try my hardest to make this short, but i have to give some back round…

    I’m 32, he’s 35 we’ve been together for 6 yrs. At first like most couples our life was wonderful, for the past 3 years it has turned to crap. He goes on and on, how he loves me, doesn’t want to be with anyone else, he’s still attracted to me, but just doesn’t want it like he used too.

    I guess when I was younger I always heard the men complaining that their wives didn’t want any longer from them, so this for me really sux. He isn’t cheating on me, yet that is. I asked him if I didn’t want it from him, what would he think?!? He of course said “He would think I was cheating on him”. I do know is a big part of his life, whether he wants to deny it or not. We used to watch it together for the 1st year, now 6 yrs later he says it would be weird to watch it with me. He also says that we have done it every way possible, every place, and it pretty much gets old.

    I’ve talked to him like an adult, i’ve yelled, cried etc, to get him to understand i can’t go on with a less relationship. He says he understands, but I need to dress y at night, re shower, hair, make up etc, to get him in the mood. Which I do understand, but for some reason cannot bring myself to do it. My women thinking is….
    I want it from him and only him, I could care less what his hair looks like, or if he took a shower 8 hrs earlier before work. He used to want me no matter how I looked. I feel like I would be putting all the effort to make him want me, he just doesn’t want me how I am. What if he doesn’t want to hop in bed with me after that, then i would be denied after doing the things he said woudl make i better. Am I thinking to much?Is that stupid thinking? Honestly, someone please tell me how to approach this!

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