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    My husband has big problem…
    During he wants to look at me in order to . He once told me that before marrying me he was addicted to ography but since becoming a christian he has stopped looking at .
    The thing is that I now feel that I have become his substitution for . He says that he loves looking at me and that brings him great satisfaction.
    I feel disgusted by this and don’t want to show myself to him anymore.
    He is able to perform normal and he even loves giving me oral . But none of this matters for me anymore. I don’t want to have with him because I can’t stand him looking at me.
    He says that I’m wrong and that men are aroused through their eyes. He says that this is hurting him badly because he doesn’t want to look at other women or think about other women (because he is a christian).
    I feel like I have married a person with ual problems and that he doesn’t even know it.
    For example: Once I agreed to use my hands in order for him to have an but he said that he also wanted to look at me otherwise he must fantasize and he doesn’t want to do that.
    I can’t stand his ual problems and don’t really know what to do. He is a great and loving husband but this issue is destroying our marriage.
    Please help…

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