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    Hi, I’m really confused in my relationship with my boyfriend, and I don’t know which path to choose. Let me explain…
    I’m Dominican, I came to this country 3 years ago, my family is very conservative and all that. I work in a restaurant and study at the same time. Well 10 months ago I met this white guy, really nice, romantic. Everybody used to tell me to stay away from him, because he was white and I was from another place, but I fell madly in live with this guy. He told me about himself, he’s life, he was locked up twice. One for fighting and the other for robbery plus he has a son. I should had stayed away from him when he told me all that, but I was blind to the core lol.
    Three weeks later of been together he went to prison again for selling drugs, I was going to break up with him, but then I thought that he was alone here in Philadelphia, he’s family is from California and Miami, I shouldn’t leave him alone like this, you know?? So I waited for him, went to visit him every week behind my parents back. I even sent him money one time. Time passed, my parents found out he was locked up and didn’t want me to be with him, but by the time we were sending each other letters and I fell more in love with this guy, with his promises that he wanted to change for me, go to school as well.
    He got out three months later and it’s all hell!!!

    He’s living with these people, ok I know it’s the only “family” he has here. The first time I met them, their house was full of smoke, everybody was smoking weed, the music was soo loud and there were kids sleeping with that noise. He’s not working, I talked with my manager at work and found him a job, but he never went to the interview. Never gave me a clear explanation. I think this relationship is I don’t know how to describe it, killing my joy I don’t know. Hes always asking me for money, every time I get my check, always!!! I need to pay rent, credit cards and bus fare to go to school and eat at work. He got to such point that I fear to even text him. I own a lot of money and I think that he doesn’t care as long as he get the money. The worst part is that exertions I give him the money and I font know how to stop it. I know he’s not selling drugs anymore, but I feel like I’m doing almost everything for this relationship and that he does nothing.
    He says he loves me and that he doesn’t wanna lose me, that he wants to marry me… But I don’t know what to do. He’s in rehab right now, he asked me if I was gonna be there for him and I told him yes. The day after yesterday he asked me for money and I made an overdraft in my bank to give it to him, he asked again today but I couldn’t withdraw anything.

    Please help me, I love him sooo much more than anything and I seem to give him anything he wants. He’s also my first guy, if you know what I mean and my parents don’t want me near him. Please tell me what can I do, he’s a good guy that has made some bad desitions, how can I convince him to go for the right path. I’ve been thinking of leaving him, but I can’t leave him alone the way he is now… I need a good advice



    In my opinion you have to leave him. There is now future in this relationship. Some day you find yourself in trouble. You told that your family members do not know about him. If he loves you then he left his criminal activities but he doesn’t.
    Again I suggest you to left him alone and look forward to you life.
    Good Luck!

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