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    Hello, I just need advice on my current situtation with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. Were a couple, he is 22 I am 24, were both out to friends and families an live together currently in my mothers house. Well anyway about 2 weeks ago my boyfriends dad got engaged and is getting married in about 8 months. His parents are divorced, his mom got re married and lives in another state with her husband. His dad has lived in their original house since the divorce with my boyfriends brothers and grandmother from his moms side. Well his dad is moving out with his 2 brothers and his grandmother has no where to go. My boyfriend offered for me and him and her to get an apartment, she can only afford 400 a month so we would be paying mostly everything. This would be our first apartment together. Am I wrong for not wanting to do this? Were young, never had an apartment before and he has the responsibility to take her to doctors appointments. Food shopping. Stores. Etc. We would have no life. I would be miserable. He told me if I don’t he will leave me. I love him to death but I feel like committing to this will destroy us and make me resent him for forcing me to do this. Please help 🙁

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