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    So me and my girlfriend met and dated over the summer.

    She actually is the one who asked for us to be official after 2 weeks of dating.

    We then made it long distance as she was going to school 4 hours away.

    We have had a few tumbles mainly due to the fact of moving at such a rapid pace because everything between us just clicked. We just flow together. In fact she has been telling friends she would like to, want to, and can see herself marrying me.

    Any ways so here we are 6ish months into it and we had our first argument. Well I went up and saw her after it and everything was perfect.
    But the second I left her roommate sat her down and told her I had been cheating on her. The accusations have since been proved false, and she knows they are but she was way hurt and confused by it, especially after we were just making up from out first argument.

    So she came from a relationship high to the ultimate low. She didn’t believe the friend at first but her friend drilled it into her, and has since been trying to break us apart. Well the roommate will be gone in 2 weeks more because she will be away from school. so getting rid of the roommate is not the problem right now.

    So anyways we kinda stumbled through the first 2 days of this accusation. She knows it wasn’t true. Her roommate continued to pull her down.

    So she ended up super confuse and finally one night called me wanting to break up. She was crying, and she kept on saying she was confused, and didn’t know anymore.

    My girl has a self admitted problem of running away and hiding from emotional problems. I told her if she felt we needed to break up then we needed to break up. I DID NOT BEG, though i did tell her i don’t want to loose her, but not in a clingy needy or any other way. So we broke up. She said at the end of the call she knows shes still in love with me, she just doesn’t know any more.

    she also has a self admitted problem that when something hurts her she feels like she needs to pull away to defend herself.

    So we Broke Up and i gave her space.

    Day after she wants me to call her. I wait for about 2 hours then call her, and get forwarded to voicemail, (though not by her doing i later find out, her roommate beat her to the phone and hung up on me).

    She texts me 5 min later saying call her. I
    I ignore.
    30 min later She sends text saying her roommate hung up on me, and she really really wants to talk to me.
    I ignore.
    3 min later she calls
    I ignore
    5 min Later she sends text
    I ignore for 1 more hour

    I was out hottubbing with friends.

    I call her back after I and drying off and she hears people in the backround and I say I was hot tubbing and and apolagize for missing her calls/texts. She says its fine. Asks me how my day was, how i was, how I’m doing, what was my day like, I give short optimistic and positive answers only saying the good stuff.

    She tells me her day. She has a somber tone. She starts crying. She had it rough and kept to herself all day. Then my buddy driving gets in wreck, but could tell there was more she wanted to talk about, but i have to go cause we were in a wreck.

    she texts me saying shes worried, and to call her later.
    that was last night I still haven’t called her.

    Shes in town from this weekend through next weekend. We have 2 dates planned that were planned at time of breakup. She still wants to see me. I know she is no where close to over me.

    She has a blog and blogged about random things making her cry, hoping wed still be in contact, and how she just runs away from emotional issues.

    Anyways, I do want her back. Long distance is hard and straining.

    My plan is to see her, and to show her/BE the person she fell for on the first few dates. To be my optimistic self. And to let her bring the relationship thing up.

    She had talked about not knowing if the little thinks about me still amazed her anymore. That I hadn’t looked at her in a certain way in a while. well all these little things can only happen in person. So I plan to be in person. To let her see I am ok, and a stronghold (physically/emotionally) she can latch onto again and hold.

    I do love this girl.
    I think she just needs to see I am still that guy she fell for. and loose the roommate.

    other option is to cut off contact and make her come crawling back to me then do the plan. but is that over harsh and necessary? I don’t know. I need outside input. Ask Questions and I will answer.

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