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    First, I am a Virgin. I have 1.5 years relationship with my current boyfriend. I am 25 years old and he is 40 years old. He is my boss in my workplace.
    To be honest, I am from a violent and broken family, and my current boyfriend knows my family background. For 1.5 years, my current boyfriend really cares for me and really takes a very good care of me and my mother and my pets. My current boyfriend builds up the trust between me and him by sharing a lot of things with me.
    Maybe because of my family background, I always make sure that I wouldn’t do anything to ruin my life. My current boyfriend knows that I have 2 ex-boyfriends before him but that was around 5 years ago and it’s only a very pure relationship (holding hand only and nothing more than that).
    Of course, my first kiss is with my current boyfriend, he knows I have no experience and he guides me.
    I have asked him about his previous life and he did told me that he has 3 ex-girlfriends before me and that was around 12 years ago and of course he have with them also, and after that he concentrates a lot in expanding his business and career, he also told me that in order to fulfill his “desire” he visited s for handjob, but not more than 7 times, I really don’t know whether I should trust him for what he has told me.
    Last week, we went to Bali for short holiday and he proposed to me, I can’t give him the answer and I said I need 2 weeks to consider. But in my mind, I can’t really accept he has visited s before.

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