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    Hi all.

    I need some advice, I’m currently in a relationship where we’ve only had once in the last 22 months. My girlfriend wants me to be the one to initiate it, however I’ve no experience of doing this – she’s the only person I’ve ever been with. The trouble is I want to initiate it but for some reason just don’t.
    I do find her attractive, I’m not (despite her seeming to think this), and there’s no problem with downstairs working.

    We had a fairly active life before we moved in together those 22 months ago when she used to stay at my flat for the working week while she was sorting out a house purchase (staying at her parent’s house at the weekend). When we moved in together she also brought along her cats who have the full run of the house, and a triangular pillow that she claims she can’t sleep without, that doesn’t really allow me to get close when we’re in bed. We both work full time however I do everything around the house and this annoys me somewhat, but it’s a case of if I don’t do it it won’t get done.

    I don’t think the any of the above is any cause for me to be not initiating something.

    I have been feeling down recently, with this going on, and I reckon that she’s going to leave me, very soon, for someone who can satisfy her. She claims it’s the only problem with the relationship.

    Any help or advice on initiating would be greatly appreciated!

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