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    So me and my girlfriend have been together for a year now. My problem is she gets mad all the time for the dumbest reasons. Like not replying to her texts on time even though only 5 minutes has passed. So last night we had an argument cause i fell asleep while texting with her. its because i had a headache and felt tired. After waking up about 20 mins later she’s so mad at me that she started cursing me for not replying on time. I told her because i fell asleep then i said sorry for falling asleep. She then started going on a tirade that i dont love her and i dont care for her. I dont get it what does that have to do with me falling asleep. My problem is when she does it its fine with me all she says is sorry for falling asleep and i said its fine cause it happens. Why cant she do the same thing? Why does she have to escalate the situation and get into a big argument with me? I really love her so much but sometimes her reasons to get mad and go all crazy on me is driving me nuts. What should i do? Pls help me.



    tell her to calm down. tell her soflty that she does the same thing.

    when she gets mad at u for things like sleeping, tell her its human nature.

    humans sleep when tired. body just shuts down. u cant do anything bout it.

    unfortuantely i was like ur gf at the start of ur relationship, so i understand from her side and urs.

    just tell her u cant be on ur toes 24/7 waiting for her smses. u have other things to do such as work or clean etc etc.

    i suggest u have breaks to get her use to the concept that u cant sms constantly.

    eg tell her i wont reply for 2 hours. i need to mow grass etc etc.

    shell soon get use to the idea that u wont be there 24/7 just to sms.




    All she needs is attention. Try to make her understand that she cant have you 24X7. Hope she understands

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