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    Okie so heres the deal. Ive been seeing this guy for 4 months. We met on a dating website (plenty of fish) met 2 times and been together ever since. When i met him his xgf was still living with him. She was moving out in a month, and that was fine with me. (no harm right?….so i thought). I have witnessed a few of there fights about her moving out and him not having money to pay for bills. (it wasnt pretty). So finally she moved out, and he was very bummed out that she moved out. (he still had feelings for her, witch i understood, since i just broke up with my xbf of 10 yrs. I supported him and told him he needs to start over and forget about her. He had a very hard time doing that, then seemed to be fine after while. A few months later, hes best friend moves in, and everything was going great. I for sure thought he was over his xgf for good, since he was talking about her bad with his bestfriend……..Then yesterday (tuesday) boyfriend went hunting and his best friend was at work. I was home alone. i have decided to check his gmail and see if him and his xgf have been talking. (i just had to know). I found an email conversation they had november.7th.2011 that he is planning on breaking up with me, because he just doesnt feel it, and that im lazy and sleep all the time. Well he got 2 things wrong, im NOT lazy and i dont sleep all the time. I cook,clean,do his laundry, fold and put away his laundry while he sits on his ass on the computer for hafe the nite, probably talking to her. So, when i read that i was very upset started crying and screaming (of course no one was home). I started to pack up a few of my things that i bring over for the weekend. ( im not living with him, and im glade i didnt). about 2 hours later i calmed myself down and boyfriend came home, and i didnt tell him what i read but i was in a bad mood. His best friend comes home and notices that somethings wrong and he asks me and i just say im in a bad mood. (i didnt want to tell him the real reason.) So, i dont know what to do, i dont know how to tell him. IM not going to tell him i looked at his email. I just want to say it in a way that he will never find out i checked my email…(yes confusing i know.) I dont understand why he wants her back, She treated him like crap the hole relationship (3 yrs). And here i am treating him like a prince, helping him pay for gas and food, spending my money on him. And this is what i get. I dont understand. Can someone please give me some advice, i would really like to know what you think. I havent told anyone this yet, once my mom knows shes going to freak out.

    Thanks Michelle

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