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    Hi its been 2 years since my ex boyfriend of 6 years left me for another girl i had a feeling he was cheating on me, in those 2 years its been very hard and painful to overcome his desertion and betrayal, however i never dated anyone since. The problem im facing now is ive started liking this guy who works opposite me i dont even know when it all started it just happened i just noticed him staring at me one day and then i couldnt help staring back he reminds me of my ex boyfriend but thats not what made me start liking him its weird it just happened his always talking to the guys in his store and staring and smiling its sweet. I keep thinking one day he will do something to indicate he feels the same but nothing as yet maybe hes scared but im more scared because its been such a long time since i was with someone i know this is going to sound silly but i dont know how to date anymore ie what to say i feel so shy less confident i mean i can talk to random strangers when im at work but ive got this feeling if i like someone im going to be speechless and thats not like me what shall i do i scared to tell him how i feel shall i just wait for him to make the first move please help thank you.

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