School and Stress

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    I’m 23 and I’m heading off to my dream school this January. Which came as a bit of a surprise, since I did not know if I could go because of money. Its three hours away. My boyfriend completely supports this decision and knows its the best course of action for my life. We’ve been dating for three years and we’ve known each other for seven.

    However, he is under an incredible amount of stress. He lives at home with his parents, working full time. He just got a certificate in culinary arts and is saving while trying to decided how to proceed with his career. His parents are divorcing now and he feels obligated to take care of his mother, who once the divorce goes through, will have a hard financial and emotional time living by herself. He does not want to live with his father (because he’s an *&%^#$), but his mother currently has no place to go. If she decides to live with a friend instead of getting an apartment, he will have no place to go.

    He does not know if he can handle the long distance relationship and is becoming increasingly agitated about it. He does not want to stop me from going, but he does not know if the relationship can continue. We have both put a lot emotionally into this relationship and neither of us wants it to end.

    He is also constantly comparing himself to his father. Worrying that he is too much like him and if he will cheat on me like his father did to his mother. I have told him that he is not his father and that he shouldn’t think that way. Reassured him that I love and trust him completely. Reminded him that I am going to an all girls college. His father did favors for his wife, expecting things in return. My boyfriend supports me because he loves me. He know’s I know this.

    So despite me reassuring him that if he’s worried about cheating, he probably won’t (Just like if you’re worried about being mean, that you’re probably not a mean person.) he’s still very frustrated and confused.

    I don’t know what else to tell him. I know this was a long explanation but I don’t want to lose him. I can’t fix his situation and I can’t NOT go to school.

    Help please.

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