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    Hi there! I’ve been in a relationship for an over two years, we’re both 21 years old and that’s the first serious relationship for both of us. I’m a very social girl and he’s more quiet. We fight a lot (sometimes to the point of put an end to the relationship), mostly because of jealousy, but always after a short time we’re back together.

    Despite everything, I thought he truly loved me until recently. I found out that he had online profiles on adult dating sites, where he described himself and posted a half- photo, In addition I found that he has been talking to some girls, and in some messages he invited them to a meeting.

    I confronted him… He told me that did all that to take revenge. Because I have a lot of guys trying to flirt with me and I do nothing about it, so he decided to try to flirt with some girls on that sites just to feel better and desired. He said that never met anyone and he’ll never cheat on me.

    I am very upset with all the situation, and I think what he did is cheating on me or at least trying to cheat on me and probably the revenge/lack of self-esteem story maybe just an excuse but I still love him so I want to ask for some advice.



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