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      I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin… I guess with my crazy household. I’m freshly 19 and I’m not a student, I’m not really into the whole school thing. I did go back for a course at the Adult school and Now Im a very proud CNA. Only problem is that where I live theres absolutly no work. Work is so scarce I cant even find a retail/ fastfood job anywhere!!! So my moms of course not ok with me not going to school and blah blah blah house drama
      So how this is a relationship issue…
      Well My boyfriend lives an hour away, and no jobs means no cash to see him. he plans on starting school next semester so he’ll almost never get to see me. So he suggested I just go ahead and move in with him. Which actually sounds like a great Idea… until it doesnt… til it does… its a vicious cycle really, it goes something like this:

    • 1: I don’t want to feel like I’m running away from my problems here
    • 2: but its not like I havent been Trying, theres really nothing out there for me, I’ve put in at least a half a dozen applications to every store in and around town and printed out Countless resumes, Its not going to get easier for me staying here
    • 3: I dont want to feel Like I’m moving in to be selfish
    • 4: But it does help that I’ll Suddenly have so many new options if I move
    • 5: But I’ll miss everyone, My life is here
    • 6: but thats really all thats going for me
    • 7: am I being young and stupid for moving in with my boyfriend….
    • 8: ….or is this really going to benefit me more in the end?


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