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    New poster here just asking for some advice…….

    My ex wife and I have reunited the past 6 months after being divorced for approx. 10 years. Everything has been great as far as the relationship. We live in separate towns but get together often. The problem is . She still says after 6 months she isn’t ready to have it regularly. We have fooled around some but I just don’t get it. Its not like were new to each other. Any advice guys n gals. Its hard (no pun intended) not to get frustrated. Thanks gang.



    It’s hard to answer this not knowing what all is going on with her; however, something is. My advice is to just give it soime time. She may be reluctant to just dive right in because of issues you two have had in the past so you may have to just be patient for a while. It should work out; however, you need to be thinking about how long is too long to wait.



    if you really want it to work, try not to have . try to feel her and try to talk to her as if she is a new person to you.



    I agree with everyone else; she is still seeing you and …. if you agree with her, it will show that you care about her and the relationship more than the and to a woman that speaks volumes!!!!

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