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    I met this guy through my boyfriend at the time. We only dated for like 2 weeks so it was nothing serious for me. The guy on the other hand, really liked me so the break up hurt him. I knew his friend Jimmy (we’ll call him Jimmy and call my exboyfriend Carl) was somewhat into me because he asked me to hang out with him even though he knew Carl would have been really mad at him. We hung out for a good 2 months and after the break up and that is when I really started to develop feelings for him. Well that’s also where everything messed up. I began to get really nervous around him and we started talking less and less and then one night I drunk texted him which was the worst. We stopped talking for like 2 months after that and then he messaged me out of the blue. We have just recently started to hang out again out and I have learned to tame my feelings and really be myself around him again. I can tell he likes me but I am not sure if he likes me as more than a friend like I like him. He got out of a relationship before we met that apparently was a pretty bad one. He has mentioned that he was in a pretty big slump after they broke up. He is a very athletic guy that absolutely loves all competitive sports and I am somewhat athletic but in more of the contemporary sports vs the competitive ones. I absolutely adore him but I don’t know if I can redeem myself from what has happened in the past and even if I could I don’t even know if he wants anything more than friends. I don’t want a full blown relationship because I was in one of my own a month before Carl and I dated and that was a 2 year relationship. All I want is to kiss him and just be closer to him. How can I move the “just friends hanging out” into a little bit more than that. What can I do to make him see me as more than just a hanging out buddy. I know he likes athletic girls so I don’t want to seem too feminine but at the same time I want him to take charge. We are both Gemini’s and he has definitely shown me his gemini attributes. One more thing is I work as a supervisor for a retail company and I made the mistake of getting him a job there so now I will be training him! Please if anyone can give any solid advice on what I can do to get him to see me as more than just a buddy I would really really appreciate it. He is an absolutely extraordinary guy that I do not want to see slip away.

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