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    Ellen Riker

    As a single and dating woman, I have to admit that I read a LOT of relationship books. Some are helpful, but after a while, they all say the same thing. “Men act like this…Men act like that.” BUT no one every tells me WHY!
    This is why I LOVE Zack Cleckler’s book, The Dating Man’s Mind. It approaches dating, relationships, and even marriage from an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE! He breaks down the entire thought process of men from when they meet you to when they try to sleep with you and beyond. The best part about it, is that it ALL MAKES SENSE! For the first time, I feel like I’ve learned something. I feel confidant and I’ve already seen an improvement in my dating life. Because of the book, I know how to spot the mess and only date the best!
    I love the book. I love the book. I love this book! I’m reading it again and I’m telling every one of my girlfriends to do the same! It was a quick & easy download from the Nook Store, Thank you Zack!!!!

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