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    I’m in my late twenties and I own two rental properties. I have a tenant with whom I’ve grown an attraction to. She is in her mid twenties, she has been a tenant of mine for over two years. We have hung out on a few occasions at the apartment she rents from me. Usually some beer, a few laughs, always non ual.
    I decide to ask this girl out, we have an amazing time. We decide at the start of the night we should go out again later in the week for some kayaking. Towards the end of the night she kisses me and very passionately I might add. A little while later we decide it’s late we should go home. I walk her to her car we kiss again and go our separate ways. The next day I call her to see how she’s doing, extremely awkward and forced conversation. The following day she cancel our plans for kayaking stating something came up.
    Being this girls landlord I decide to put the incident behind me and move on like nothing happened. The last thing I want is for her to feel uncomfortable, especially where she lives.
    However, over the next few month we have interacted on several occasions. Whether it be a conversation in passing, collecting rent or a text message to relay information. When we do interact it always seems more then just business, like we really enjoy each others company.
    I really like this girl. What do I do? Keep it strictly business or find out if there really is something there? If I go for it and find out if she is into me, how should I go about it? Please help, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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