Was it Real?

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    I had recently been dating someone that I had met on a dating site for a year. She was always complimentary and talked about how much she admired me and how our views on parenting matched perfectly. We only got to see each other once or twice a week depending on her work and travel schedule. I am not one that is easy to trust so I did not jump into things head first. I tried to take things slow.

    She talked about how thankful she was to have me in her life and how lucky she felt. There were a few instances over the last year where I found myself questioning things like sending her a text Saturday morning and not getting a response back until Sunday afternoon which to me was an automatic flag. I tended to keep those things in mind and went as far to ask if there were any other men in her life in which she told me no. Recently I had a gut feeling after a fight so I googled dating websites and I did a search and the first site I logged onto I found she had a profile. In reading it I found that there had been recent pics added since we had dated. She denied that she had a profile out there until I pointed out the recent pics. She even went as far as to accuse me and questioning why was I on a dating site. She ultimately admitted to placing the profile and apologized for doing it and hurting me.

    The hardest part is that recently that the “ I love you” words have been used which suggests a more deeper relationship.

    After confronting her on the profile she admitted she had work to do on herself. She pretty much told me where she needed time with no dating. She is trying to tell me that she was new to dating after her divorce and had not had a lot of experience. I tend to question because every now and then she would mention a date that she had with someone before me that had not been mentioned before.

    In a previous e-mail I offered to lose her number but she said we were both adults so I could keep it. I feel that either she is an extremely good player or is truly sending mixed signals including hanging out.

    Pretty much things have been ended at this point. After not really getting a lot of response from her over the last couple of days. I emailed that I was cutting off all contact so that we both could move on.

    Once you catch someone in a relationship lie it is hard to recover. Why would I want to be with someone that obviously felt a need to put a profile up on a dating site while we were together.

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