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    Hi guys,
    My boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship, but We were planning that i move as soon as I found the right job. We had been dating for half a year and he was very into it. At some point he wanted us to move together. We were seeing each other every 2 weeks. And he said 3 weeks ago he was very much in love. One week after this opening up to me he started to be a bit distant but he said he was just too tired and working long hours. We saw each other a weekend after and he keep on being weird, and last weekend we broke up. He just said he was annoyed and that we were too different. But he look super upset even though I was the one being dumped. He told to me that he didn’t know if he was doing the right thing breaking up. I told him that I don’t think feelings can vanish like this but that I think he was killing them. What do you think? Can love just disappear, and can a person just do a mental list of pros and cons and just put everithing that has been a pro on the con side?
    Thank you for your advice.

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