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    This is the dilemma,

    I am a married woman of 7 years and we have a 6 year old child. My husband came out to me that he was a and loved shoes. This wasn’t a problem until the last 2 years or so when he says he wants to go and experiment with other TV’s. He always wants to talk about it and i really don’t. I want normal male female relationship without this coming in the way. I have told him that i don’t want to know anymore as it is really doing my head in. The isn’t always great and he doesn’t last that long and i only come every so often. I am always left wanting more.

    A friend has got back into contact recently and we have a great friendship and we had a bit of thing before my husband and i met. I do love my husband but want more from him. My friend has said he would be interested in hooking up but only for and friendship and thats how it would be as thats always hows its been. I have known my friend for 12 years and we are strong as friends. I want to feel that when i sleep with someone they are giving there whole body to me not just doing it because it feels like they have to. I know with my friend that this will happen. He is in the services and is going to be deployed in Feb and i want to meet with him before he goes not just for but also to say see you soon and goodbye take care.

    So do i hook up with him feel like a woman and wanted in the throws of passion. Or do i keep away and leave it as a friendship without the . We also have been texting each other naughty messages and i am feeling y and like a lady. not a trapped woman who just gets it as a half hearted thing to do.

    What do i do??

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