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    So I am just going to put it all out their as its getting to complicated for me and I need an outside point of view My best friend knows but no one else and I am just lost :confused:

    The Full Story:-
    I went on a Holiday and met 2 men, Kyle and Lucas. (I am using fake names) Anyway so I met Kyle first and I really liked him we got along so well and he was really my type, unfortunately I had just got out of a 3 year relationship in which my ex had my confidence so low I never even bothered making a move and didnt think Kyle was interested. I then Met Lucas like 2 weeks later and he just threw himself all over me, we started dating and then he moved back to live with me as we had an unexpected surprise – I fell pregnant.

    So We tired to be the little family and it didn’t work Lucas was well to cut a long story shot – he is a lazy spoiled emotionally abusive disrespectful ass.
    So when our Son Brenton turned 1 and Lucas had forced us to move to some silly little town miles away from my family I had enough. I packed my bags and took Brenton and I back home to my family.

    From the wonderful world of facebook Kyle saw that I had left Lucas, he was a gentlemen and offered me support and wished me well. He was a friend when I needed it. Several months passed and Kyle admitted that although he had a girlfriend he was interested in me he was when we first me and he regrets that he never took the chance when he had it. He said that things with his lady are not good. He also doesnt mind my little boy he said that its not baggage at all. the only this is he lives like 3000km from me. So we engaged in a long term thing, we would talk on the phone 3 – 4 times a week, send naughty SMS & pics. Had the “naughty” phone call once every few weeks.

    Now I know he is going to leave the ex he said he was waiting until he went to Kapooka as it would just be easier that way. So he is their at the moment and I am so so proud
    Honestly the thing that is the best about him is he is motivated and driven. I can handle the time apart as I would be so proud to be an army GF, I think its an Honor to have a man who is willing to stand up for our country and our rights.
    He is marching out and has asked me to be their, I said I would love to go but (he still has not broken things off with the girlfriend) I sort of said that It would be uncomfortable for me if she was their. I know my place I am the other woman so I told him that I can just meet up with him another time.
    Since then he has been really distant. I dont know what to do about it
    I dont know if I am being paranoid about the whole thing or if I am looking two much into it.

    He knows how supportive of the Army I am we write to each other all the time, I think its great that he was so depressed with what he was doing with his old job etc he has signed up and loves it and I am so happy for that.

    Help please am I being silly or have i touched a nerve with the Girlfriend thing and am I just always going to be the other woman :confused::(



    Stop dating men that are married or in relationships and learn to make them use a condom. There problem solved.



    @smackie9 53131 wrote:

    Stop dating men that are married or in relationships and learn to make them use a condom. There problem solved.

    No Problem not solved do you know how to read?
    With my son – the condom broke
    haven’t even slept with the other guy
    I don’t appreciate advice like that if you don’t want to help don’t post. I have never done anything to you where do you get off just being nasty.



    Being the other women is a very tough gig. Most end up with the shitty end of the stick and heatbroken. Focus on the most important part of your life…your son. If a man can”t be 100% committed to you then it’s not worth all the fuss. Sorry I didn’t mean to come off as nasty, I apologize.



    Sorry I think I was having a bad day also and have over reacted to your reply.

    Yeah I haven’t been the other woman before and its actually really really shit.

    So Thank you I agree my little man is all the man I need in my life.

    Thanks 🙂

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