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    I ran into this guy again a couple of weeks ago at the same place where we had met and chatted several months ago. We never dated or anything, but it seemed that there was something brewing. When I saw him a couple of weeks ago, within about 30 seconds he told me he had a girlfriend, fist punched me, and told me she was there. I was breezy about it and asked him if he was in love with a smile (like a pal). He said he wasn’t; it was too soon. I never saw the girl – oddly enough.

    Even odder is that almost every weekday since then, we have run into each other at this place around the same time. Now it’s almost expected, although neither of us mentions seeing each other the next day or anything. When I ran into him the first time after the girlfriend proclamation, I was pleasant and aloof and left first. From then on, he has been very attentive and conversational and even gave me a kiss on the cheek one day before leaving. One day, he wore eyeglasses for the first time I had seen, and I commented that I liked them the next day. He told me they had no optical value; they were just for fun. (He wore the glasses again the next day.) The other day he told me that I always looked so nice with a big smile. I thanked him, and I explained that I was going to work. He replied with a smile and “Is that why?” (strange question) I left before he did that day, but he caught up to me in the parking lot, and we chatted a bit before going our separate ways.

    Unfortunately, and strangely, the last two times I have run into him, I feel like I have been blatantly ignored. One time he came up to the area, took a seat and said nothing. Several minutes passed before I glanced over and simply said, “Good morning.” He didn’t even look over but returned the greeting. When he walked away, I had turned to see where he was going, and he smiled and waved. The next day, he was standing when I approached the area, and he looked at me coming, then turned away for a second, then turned back to me. I simply walked behind him on my way to my seat and quickly said, “Good morning.” He responded and then took off like his butt was on fire. End of story. What in the world happened??? (Incidentally, no mention of the “girlfriend” has been made since the encounter a couple of weeks ago when he seemingly couldn’t wait to tell me that. It wasn’t warranted, as I never really let him know I was ever interested and/or available. I still don’t flirt with him to protect myself, really. I am merely on the receiving end of his compliments, kiss on the cheek, etc. — and now his ignoring out of the blue.



    Then what happend?



    Wow! No one posted a response to my original post, so I haven’t kept this updated. In a nutshell, we don’t run into each other nearly as often as back in January — sometimes once every couple of weeks. The momentum has been lost, which makes it more challenging. We are both hot and cold to each other; I am basically following his lead in that regard, as a protective device, I guess. I don’t know whether that “girlfriend” ever existed, she still exists, or there is someone new.

    I can give you recent example of the dynamics at least: Last week, I struck up a conversation with him while sitting a few chairs from him (always like to keep some distance!), and he responded with mediocre interest. Then he said he was leaving. However, about an hour or so later, in a different area of the building, I was walking and saw him. Given his apathy earlier, I briskly but nonchalantly kept my pace as I passed him, mentioning with a smile that I thought he was leaving earlier. He said he was back and forth. Not slowing down while he called out to me, “Where are you going?” as I passed, I simply responded over my shoulder, “To the other side.” Moments later, he was seated right behind me, smiling ily and whimsically. I asked him if he was waiting for my seat, and he smiled and said, “No.” I then asked if he was waiting for the guy next to me to leave; again, he replied, “No.” Moments later, he did sit next to me but didn’t really engage me. We only said a few words to each other before he left. A day or two later, he approached the area where I was and didn’t say anything. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye and didn’t acknowledge him for a few minutes, then simply said, “Good morning.” He responded in kind, then dashed off. End of story. (The story is more detailed, but it would take too long at this point to fill in the gaps.)



    Who needs a guy that plays games? Don’t you want a man that takes charge, is sure of himself and what he wants???? If so, then this guy isn’t for you.

    If he was this guy and was into you, then he’d have asked you out already. Move on and forget about him.

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