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    I don’t mean to type so much so i will try and condense things down as much as I can. I was dating a wonderful girl for well over two years, but the relationship ended suddenly and over something so trivial that I will get into in a moment. It’s been two months now, and I have tried moving on, but learned some disturbing things about her, and really want to get her side.
    Okay, so the relationship was a great one I thought. She was very kind, I thought she was being open with me, we hardly argued, had so much in common, made plans on being more than simply boyfriend/girlfriend, though I never proposed or anything like that we had talks about moving in together, and maybe down the line having a more serious talk about it all.
    The only arguments we really had where ones about her not being affectionate and this was not a deal breaker because at times she was the complete opposite and those caused the other arguments. After dating a couple months we both said we loved each other and it was something we said and I thought both felt right up until our break up.
    One day as I was picking her up from work, she got really upset and didn’t want me to kiss her, literally shoved me away. I was stunned(I shouldn’t have been because this was kind of typical with her) and an argument started up from there. I was really irritated by it, whenever we would try and talk things over before she would usually agree and say she didn’t mean it, but this time, she just yelled at me like I was some sort of creep, refused to ride back with me, and got out of the car. All over a kiss.
    She called me the next day to apologize, I was ready to just squash it, but after apologizing she said we were done, that she couldn’t be with me anymore, that I deserevd better, she isn’t girlfriend material. I wanted to work things out, but my pleas were ignored and she hasn’t spoken to me since she came by to return a few things I had at her place and to retrieve what she left at mine which was like a couple of weeks ago. She wouldn’t even look at me when she dropped them off.
    Since the break up an aquaintance of mine has told me that he’s seen her out partying wild and that’s not how she was with me. She was very reserved except for when she was too affectionate. I want to talk to her and ask her flat out what happened. I also heard that she was into some really out there stuff, but I just don’t understand why she would just flip a switch and after over two years be done with me. I wasn’t even going for a tongue down throat type of kiss, just a peck on the cheek. I know she didn’t much care for things at times, but that’s just the way I am. I so badly want to talk to her, just to know what I did wrong. We were great.

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