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    At my last job there was a girl that i liked for ages, she liked me, eventually nearer to the time i was leaving we both went out on a date, it went great, both had very good chemistry held hands, kissed her good night, and after weeks of her keeping my number, she finally gave me hers.

    couple days later it was my leaving drinks, she turned up for a few hours, but had to go home, she asked if she wanted her to come back, i said yes, true to her word she came back.

    Me and her and some ex work colleagues went for dinner, i got drunk, or was already drunk, time came to pay the bill, i made a seen and wanted her to pay, ( i wanted clarification that she was not taking me for a ride). it all got weird, the work colleagues left, i paid the remainder of the bill, i walked her back to the bus stop, with her telling me she was not impressed, yet still she went to kiss me, i pulled away, realising my clusterfu*k i tried to fix this and kiss her, but she didnt want to know.

    so fast forward to this week, i have text her apologizing, left a couple of voice mails, but i have had no reply, i called her work phone, she answered, most likely not knowing it was me, (although she did say she knew it was me) i apologised again, explained i liked her more than a crush, she giggled and said would call later, but nothing, i tried calling her last night and sent her a text, nothing.

    i have really strong feelings for this girl, maybe even the one, but have i fd it up and should just let it go?

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