Why does my ex girlfriend try to make me jealous?

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    Hello forum

    I just want to gain a better insight into why my ex girlfriend try to make me jealous.

    I must start by saying prior to this call we have met up a couple of times and in my opinion we’ve had a really good time but on a friend’s basis.

    She rang me up while I was at work bout 9:30am (opening with ‘oh I didn’t think you were at work today’) and started asking how I was etc. we had a little small talk, then she pretty much game out with a ‘guess what?’ and proceeded to tell me she went out drinking the night before and woke up that morning with a ‘random’ guy in her bed.

    I didn’t rise to her bait by acting crazy/mad/jealous or anything, but I did my best and showed no emotion, I almost wanted to make a joke out of it by asking ‘so…how was it’ or something on those lines, but didn’t want it to be see as ‘encouraging’ her behaviour, so I shrugged it off and moved the convo on to something else.

    Any thought as to why she felt the need to do this? Especially when she knew I was work at the time. It’s so confusing when she was the one who broke up with me.

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