Will 25 y/o virginity ruin the relationship when she finds out?

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    I want to get your opinions on this. I am 25 years old and have never been in a full ual relationship with someone. Right now, I have a great relationship with a girl I see every day. We both know we like each other, but have never done anything. She has had a couple serious relationships as well as a child.

    I am convinced that I am in love with her and she is in love with me. Our current situation makes our relationship on a non-ual basis very beneficial to both of us. I don’t want her to wait any longer. I know that she wants to have . She has told me many times in the last few months of how she wants to and I don’t want to risk losing her to someone else. It would kill me if that happened.

    So here is my question. If I go to her place and fulfill her wishes, will my lack of experience instantly ruin the relationship? We have never discussed my prior relationships and experiences and she might assume of them, but I never directly told her of my lack of experience.

    I really want to have , but at this point in my life I also want a relationship. Something mentally has blocked me for years from having , but I think I have made the necessary improvements in my life in general to make me a desire to have a relationship with.

    Your thoughts?



    You have two ways of going about this.

    1) Do exactly what your saying. Get into the moment, and let her know.. but then keep pushing that moment, if she really loves you she’ll be okay with it.

    2) There’s nothing wrong with hiding it. But if your not experienced then your nervous about not doing something right. This is where my advice is going to alarm you a bit and I really recommend you don’t jump to taking any advice without having a long thought about what is right for you. But as disgusting as the industry has become, it’s unbelievably informative. There’s tens of billions of videos out there, and you can actually see everything pretty graphically… and believe it or not, thats how most kids these days figure out so quickly what they are doing and why the younger generations love to get into it at younger ages.

    PS): Passion.
    The most important thing during it is passion.
    Getting in the mood, being passionate, thats what will drive her… because women know when your faking it and when your being truly passionate… whereas guys rarely can tell if a woman is faking it.

    PSS: Gotta be done sometime right? Worst possible situation is the relationship doesn’t work out, but then again your no longer in-experienced… and you can bring that experience to the next relationship.


    Robot By Choice

    Just be honest with her. If she truly loves you she’ll understand (and maybe teach you a few things, hoh hoh!) At least she knows she’s not gonna get VD from you.



    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your replys. See, I posted this listing a few months ago and I’m still in the same situation as before.

    Any encouragement will help or if you know of good ways to get practice on my own I suppose 🙂

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