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    Hi , I am in this long distance relationship for the past 8 months ..I love my boyfriend thoroughly and truly but it seems i am always making mistakes. Since its long distance, he tells me to come and meet him at his place. i cant since i havent yet started on my job , and my parents wont leave me . ( i am Indian and well.. parents are bit conservative here, they wont let me go to meet a guy ). This has been causing a lot of problems between us. We did meet 2 months back for a week in my city . i told him to wait till march since i am going to be in his hometown then for my job for like four months. Also i will have money ofm y own and no one to answer really , so i can meet him often. But he just doesnt understand. For the past two months, he shouts , talks to me rudely , tells me i am never going to change and improve, makes evrything a fault of mine. Even when i help him in many ways , he makes fun of me, says i am his servant and will catch his evry whim even when he isnt serious about it. never says i love you and calls me dumb. All this is taking a lot of toll on me. yesterday when i just cut his call for 3-4 times because my uncle and cousin were next to me , he got extremely angry and isnt picking up my call at all..He did pick once, but says there is nothing to talk to now , i will never improve , that i am selfish and self-obsessed and he doesnt ever want to talk to me..! i am so depressed i cant gather my wits about me..He was my first and i wanted him to be the last. i know i should have picked up his call and try to be bit more open about my relationship ..but i dont think i warrant such rude behaviour. he forgets that when he was with his family , i didnt complain as to why he is giving me such less time, even when he called like for 2-3 mins a day or abruptly ended the call, but tried to understand.
    i am just so lost and lonely now..is it really all my mistake..? i feel drained out.

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