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    Hello everyone.
    I need some opinions. ive been online dating for a few months now. im taller than the average male here (6′)and I do bodybuilding so I have a nice physique and im pretty good looking (trying to be modest) so I get my fair share of messages from woman. some of those are from girls much younger than me. today I got one from a 24 (there were also younger ones) year old. a beautiful girl. the first thing that comes to mind is what would I do with her? I guess some look for a father figure, some just find older men more appealing, some are looking for bucks I guess.

    but we spoke on skype and it went great. on one hand I fantasize about the idea, but on the other morally and ethically, I feel bad. I almost always dated woman older than me. im 40 and dated woman who were 52 but mostly in the 45 area.

    Im a very loyal person. Im looking for a long term relationship. I have a very sensitive heart and dont like to start something because it’ll do something for my ego. but I am curious. I dont believe in the just flow with it and see where it goes. if I cant “see” the future with this person there’s no point to waste time. I also dont belive in ONS or having a FB. its not for me.

    What do I do? Im not sure about dealing with younger woman for a few reasons. life experience, maybe a bit spoiled and not enough understanding/patience, and maybe too hyper. I dont like partying. I like calm discrete, intimate outings. I dont like bars/clubs. its not my thing.

    but we only chatted on skype and so we’ll see. she’s a bit mature so thats ok, but I feel awkward. like im grandpa next to my neice, although I never had anyone tell me I look older than 30, never. I know the older woman I dated felt a bit awkward at first (like I did) when were walking hands together in public. I look 30 YO with a 46 YO that looks 46. I felt like I was her child or boy toy. it always bothered me but when we were intimate it was a total turn on for me.

    Thanks in advance to everyone



    A 24 yr old woman with a 40 yr old man is not weird at all. It’s not a big difference. I do think however that you will have differences in interests. I think that most women that age want to have fun… but some are ready to settle down. If I were you, I would not worry about what you look like together, as your age isn’t that different. Just see what the person’s interests are, and if they are similar to yours then continue, if not then don’t. I don’t think I’d date anyone younger than her though… I think that people change a lot in their early- mid twenties.



    People are who they are and you’re wired to be who you are. If dating younger women doesn’t turn you on because you’re not looking to just get laid but are wanting a LTR, then don’t date them. It’s that simple. Why force a square peg into a round hole (your thought process) and fight a constant emotional battle with yourself????

    But something tells me that you’re coming here asking for permission because a part of you does want to be with a younger girl and to give it a shot.

    Nothing wrong with that either. All experiences are valuable.

    Go bang that hot young babe and have fun!!!



    Women are naturally more mature than men. So give her a good 5-8 years as far as maturity goes.

    I know of two people in my life who have a 10-15 year age gap too… and they seem to make it work pretty well.

    In my opinion her being younger it should concern her more thinking in long-terms of lifespans.. but if she’s okay with it and wants to explore it, and your interested, then go for it!



    nothing is weird when is about love:)

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